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At Instalabs, we're a world-class team of developers, seasoned executives, and startup operators on a mission to shape the future of decentralized financial markets.

We are building the tools to solve some of the biggest problems blocking the global adoption of DeFi technology.

Our vision is clear: a world where the power and benefits of decentralised finance are opened up to any asset and any person, in a compliant but trustless way.

With strong early
traction for our
launch assets

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Meet the Instalabs

Edward Adlard
Artem Valmus
Kitty Goodwin
Senior Operations Manager
Emma Roche
Head of Compliance
Alessandro Piccione
Senior Software Engineer
Khuzaima Mazhar
Compliance Analyst
Leonid Sidorenko
Software Engineer
Alexy Grishanov
Software Engineer
Yelena Pan
Product Designer
Daniel Revuelta Santos
Customer Ops Rep

Lead Investors and Partner Ecosystems

Build the future of
DeFi with us

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