Setting a new standard for DeFi

We are building a trusted, compliant, and secure ecosystem where users can confidently engage in buying, trading, and investing.

Our technology is third-party audited to ensure it meets the highest security standards.


Single sign-on
Compliance for DeFi

One-Time Verification

Simple to set-up, wallet agnostic on-chain customer verification system which can issue a variety of KYC tiered credentials.

Fully Interoperable with Web3

Customers can use their credentials across any connected dApp without interruption to their customer experience or revealing any personal information.

Access to Secondary Markets

After receiving an Instabridge asset, your Instapass credential gives you the ability to access an open secondary market.

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Cross-chain, cost
effective asset swaps

Seamless Asset Transfers

Instabridge allows you to swap ETH, wBTC, USDC, USDT and eXRD with more tokens supported coming soon.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Instabridge uses simple send transactions saving up to 500% on gas fees per swap vs permissionless bridges.

Innovative Features Coming Soon

Upcoming features include on/off ramping, additional supported tokens and the issuance of tokenised real world assets.

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Build the future of
DeFi with us

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